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Late last year one of my most loyal customers Nader Michael Hanna Al-Shaikh commissioned me to illustrate a fictional Boxing poster featuring Cassius Clay and Ted Grant (aka Wildcat) and a inked sketch of the Batman. ( I threw in a sketch of Scarlett Couture as a thanks you for his custom, nice guy that I am)
I posted it to him signed and tracked to Dubai as usual but unfortunately the art was not claimed by Nader and got shipped back to the National Return centre on 18/01/17.

On Saturday 25th March 2017 I got a FB message from a gentleman who claims to have bought some of my artwork from an auction site (and wanted to know it's value) and never guess what... IT'S THE ARTWORK I POSTED TO MY CLIENT IN DUBAI!!
So now here's the Mystery and problem.
Mystery: Somewhere between the artwork being at the National Return centre and this auction site IT HAS BEEN STOLEN. Straight up!
Problem: Said gentleman (who I shan't name for now) says he purchased the work and wants to keep it as it was a present for his son, even after I ask if he will return it in good faith I would create him something new.
I've sent a message to the auction site on Sunday evening and STILL have not heard back from them.

So now that I have done what I can do resolve the matter it looks like I'm going to have to alert the get on to the Royal Mail and the POLICE, file a stolen goods claim and let them handle things.

So, my followers out there. If at any time you see this artwork up for sale on Ebay or anywhere else, you all know the deal.

DON'T PURCHASE IT! It's only worth something to it's original owner Nader Michael Hanna Al-Shaikh.