Viktoria Dobos- Cover Girl for Scarlett Couture

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 With the release of Scarlett Couture Issue 4 finale on Wednesday I thought it  prudent to say thank you to one of the stars of the series- Ms.Viktoria Dobos. You may remember her from the Issue 1 variant cover. Vik was an absolute trooper and a joy to work with through the whole process of getting the right photo needed for the variant.

We ended up doing 4 shoots in various locations around London and Hertfordshire but this is one of my faves was the first!
I drafted in talented (Gooner supporting ..ugh) Glamour photographer Nathen Atia, Videographer Simon Beckett (Factotum Film) and top make-up artist Alex Jones (or Dr.Jones as I like to call her)
to do the shoot at Location House in London.
These guys did such a great job in bringing my character to life and helping Vik ( a make-up artist herself) to gain an army of followers over the past year. My email has been full of fans from around the world who want to know more about her. (Instagram link below)

I wish we had done more photo covers for the series but with Scarlett Series 2 in the works, we can think about doing something even more spectacular to promote the book.
Until then, enjoy these shots of Lady Vik !

Photos by Nathen Atia -
Make Up By Alex Jones Alex's Site
Video shot by Simon Beckett FACTOTUM SITE
And follow the adventues of Vik Dobos on her Instagram VIKTORIA DOBOS

(Sorry Vik! I found this to be the best shot of the day)

Nathen Atia shows Vik Dobos her stairwell shots whilst  Make-Up artist Alex Jones looks on...and touches up her hair!

FACTOTUM FILM's Simon Beckett - the Video Guy did an amazing job of shooting for the SCARLETT COUTURE book trailer that ended up on Hollywood Reporter of all things.

Alex Jones hard at work....

Nathen showing his shots.... ( So sad he's an Arsenal supporter)

She may look slender but boy, this girl loves to eat! TRUST ME!