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She's the most popular female superhero in the world, an Amazon Princess, an ambassador and a warrior. She's had yet another costume change in the past 5 years and got more aggressive. So much so, I don't even know the character that I have loved since the great days of the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman TV show.
So the question I threw to myself was 'Who is MY Wonder Woman?"

My Wonder Woman (in no particular order):

1. Is an ambassador for peace, unity and love around the world. She's compassionate, understanding and takes time out of her JLA duties to visit the less fortunate. She has her own world charity due to her frustration towards the UN. She feels they could be doing more.

2. She's an icon to women around the world to show strength and leadership. She is controversial to certain nations for her belief's about equality between men and women. Her quote
"Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition" doesn't sit well with a lot of people during her sell-out World tour.
(The tour was cancelled after 25 sell out shows after an attack from the villainess Cheetah in Dubai killed 10 people and caused $100,000,000 in property damage.)

3. She's sexy, but doesn't try to be. She's shy, but confident. She's strong, but vunerable. She's proud of her body and femininity and knows how to take a compliment. However, she can give as good as she gets when any derogatory comments are thrown her way.

4. She's an intellectual. She reads constantly, mainly history and philosophy. She's interested in Eastern philosophy and loves Bruce Lee, not necessarily for his fighting prowess but more for his way of thinking. She can put you in your place with a few choice words and is forever quoting from the greatest minds in history.
Violence is her last resort.

5. She want's to know everything!! She want's to be the best she can be. She's not scared to take advice and learn skills from others. Black Canary teaches her the principles of Wing Chun and Krav Maga. Batman teaches her how to search for clues and most probably psychology of the criminal mind. Green Arrow teaches her archery on the weekend.
She loves sports especially the Olympics and is forever challenging her comrades to duels.

6. She's a cool person to hang out with. She knows when to let her hair down and chill out. She listens to jazz , classical and folk music when she's at home. She likes to cook for her guests and entertain. She cooks a mean leg of lamb and her barbecue Shish Kebab's are the talk of the DC Universe.

7. When she's in the JLA gym she listens to funk, Rock and old skool hip hop!! Cyborg created her a mix-tape. James Brown the Payback, Marva Whitney-' It's my thing,  Dee Edwards " Why Can't there be love , Craig Mac 'Flavor in your ear'  Missy Elliot 'Work It 'is on her track list.
She likes Metallica, Aerosmith, ZZ Top. Sure she listens to POP... she just dislikes Justin Bieber. (LOL)

8. Her favourite films are classics. Ben Hur, Spartacus, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Some Like it Hot
and Gilda. She dislikes senseless violent films (like Hardboiled, Starship Troopers, Nightmare on Elm street etc) and is a pain in the ass if you're watching one with her.
( I see her as one of those people who constantly whine "How unrealistic is that?" and she definitely
goes off on ANY scene where the damsel is waiting to be rescued)

Batgirl bought her  Sex and the City for Christmas. She watched 4 episodes before throwing the box set out of the window. Batgirl is still not talking to her after that.

9.She has an enormous fan club and loves her fans. She has a PR machine that keeps her in touch with her followers on social media and deal with the amount of brands and companies dying to use the most beautiful woman on the planet for campaigns, endorsements and licensing.
She deals with modern media and being in the spotlight with a touch of humour. She avoids anything and anyone that has a political motive and shuns celebrity lifestyle.
(I think she'd use her fame for charitable causes though.)

10. She has a vast wardrobe. Mostly clothes created for her by the world's top designers ...FOR FREE!! ( C'mon... you know Dior, Chanel and Paco Rabanne would do anything in their power to sign her!)

11. Her best friends are Julia and Vanessa Kapatelis ( yes, I love the George Perez era), Donna Troy Black Canary AND Lois Lane. ( Don't see why they should dislike each other. Not unless one was sleeping with Superman when the other is seeing him) She knocks back some serious beer and wine with Big Barda...and sees Clark Kent after work  occasionally to catch up on civilian life.

12. Lastly. Love life. Who is she seeing? Well, for some reason I don't see her ending up with Superman. Hey, in my eyes they tried it, it didn't work, they stayed friends ('cause come on... who wouldn't ?) . I see Wonder Woman with Steve Trevor or maybe dating some unknown guy like a Marine Biologist, Surgeon or something like that.

That's me done! This is not scripture... this is the way I see Wonder Woman. I'm sure you are reading this and have your own perception of her.

Feel free to share it with me.