Major Wonder and the Cosplayers who bring my art to life By Des Taylor

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I love designing Cosplay outfits. Here's my latest one for my friend Jean Cova Gomez- Major Wonder! To compliment the Major Glory design I created for Stephanie Castro.

Attached are a few other I've created for Cosplayers Emmy Clapp and Jessica Gonzalez who have been so awesome to spend the time and effort to bring them to life!

Jean Cova Gomez as Western Wonder Woman.

Stephanie Castro as the Evel Knievel inspired 'Danger Dame'.

... as as MAJOR GLORY!

Victoria Lee took a stab at Katie Rogers awhile ago! Jaw dropped when she cosplayed
a character I have in the computer called Dirty Martini. 

Emmy Clapp as my OC Sith Apprentice RAVAN SEDUCTRESS


Emmy also put in a shift when we collaborated on Raven Rocketeer for LSCC.

Jean Gomez rocked my Showgirl Zatanna design in 2014.

as did Jessica Gonzalez as Vesha Valentine 

Nina Hearne did an amazing job bringing Vesha Valentine to life. Totally owned the character
and sent the temperature rising in these lingerie shots courtesy of photographer Nathen Atia.

For NYCC 2014 I designed this Caporette outfit for cosplayer Lauren Dion. Loved the result!

The amazing Jerri-Kay Walthew went ahead and cosplayed Rockabilly Mary Jane!

and how could I forget the darling Viktoria who most recently became the face of my new
book Scarlett Couture.  Watch out for more pics from this young lady in the near future.