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As we say goodbye to 2014 I look back on what has been an amazing year for me as an artist. Starting off at London Super Comic Con, an exhibition at Orbital Comics, London & in Rickmansworth Watersmeet Art Center, a Guest at MEFCC in Dubai, a Stunt Extra on Avengers-Age of Ultron (and watching the World Cup after shooting),  a DR.WHO cover signing at San Diego Comic Con, promoting my book Katie Rogers at New York Comic Con, meeting some great people at Belgium Con and finally selling most of my stock at Thoughtbubble Comic festival in Leeds.

I can only hope 2015 holds as much excitement as my first comic book mini-series hits the shelves.
Watch out for Scarlett Couture from Titan Comics in April.

Until then I put together a little something for all of my followers and people that made this year totally awesome.

Here my New Year's Card to you all featuring my fave heroes. Thanks for your support.
More to come in 2015.

Special thanks to- Ian and Yasmin @ Comicave, Spencer Kelly, Ricky Claydon, Steve White, Lizzie Kaye, Nick Landau & Viv,Vikky Dobos, Arafaat Ali Khan, Ben Caddy, the guys at Madefire, Joe Elardy, Brian Walters @ DC, The Fates Crew, Bruce Robertson, Claudia Wong, Jilly Wiseman, Katie ,Vesha, Scarlett, Dirty Martini and the DESPOP UNIVERSE.


Ps...Notice the Lois and Clark Morning show image on the Cab on the first page! Nyuck,Nyuck!