Cosplay Talent with a smile! Super Jessica LG speaks to DESPOP!

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When it comes to talent in the art of Cosplay design and costume-making there are few who can call themselves prolific. Meet the tidy package that is Jessica Lynn Gonzalez. Not only is she too cute for words and a dear friend of mine, she is very passionate about her love for comics, Pop culture and animation and can be seen at most of the US comic conventions. I think it's about time she made the mission over to UK shores to show our lot how she does her thang!! 
On numerous occasions I have used her for picture reference for my doodles and at San Diego Comic Con 2014 you all can pop by to see some of the fantastic costumes she has conjured up for the show at. She'll be with me signing an exclusive print at Madefire Booth 4902-4904 from 12midday-2.30pm
Earlier on last month ( before the World Cup Group stage  started) I threw her a bunch of questions for an interview. Now that we are into the Quarter-Final stage I thought I'd better put her answers up before I got distracted again.

What got you into comic books?
Mostly cartoons. X-Men, Batman… Shows like Freakazoid that had hero themes. I was very much obsessed with cartoons growing up. Still am. I had one Super Friends volume I kept reading over and over when I was spending my time in Venezuela. In 1999, my dad took me to a comic book store by my house because I had asked him to. I picked up a wolverine comic, Fantastic 4, and a ton of Young Justice and Impulse comics. That’s basically where it all began. My fascination was probably with the fact that for so many years I thought I was going to be an illustrator. 

Name 3 people you admire in comics.
There are literally too many to list; including Des Taylor . So I will list my top 3 Childhood people Arthur Suydam, Todd Nauck, and Adam Hughes. What is Your favourite Convention? Emerald City Comic Con was a blast! the weather was lame but the convention was huge, the people were awesome, the after parties were great. NYCC runs a close second.

Name your favourite superhero and Super villain and why?  

That’s really tough. I think Spider-Woman for my favorite hero. They’ve really developed her character lately. Not that she wasn’t badass before, but they used to have her story all over the place. She’s been on every team spelled with an acronym and the avengers, but she’s always been kind of a dark character until just the recent years. I like what they’re doing with her and Captain Marvel making them more accessible and relatable characters to younger girls.
As for my favorite Villain.. There are a lot of great villains. I love Mister Sinister, the Skrulls, and Galactus. I also really love some of the weird villains Superman has had. Like Mister MXYXPTLK and Microwave man.


During convention season how do you decide which costumes to do?

It really varies. I have a personal list of cosplays I want to do. But so do my friends. My friends can vouch for how often I say “okay! This is my list for the year and THAT’S IT.” and then it chances a million times before a month goes by. I’ll gladly change my lineup if it means I’ll have fun teaming up with a friend or a group of friends. It’s all in fun and theres plenty of time to make costumes.

In my opinion you are one of the more High Profile Cosplay artists on the scene. Who do you admire in the world of Cosplay and why?

Some people really admire cosplayers for their social role in the community (sexuality in cosplay for example.) The people I admire most are those with great technical skill. Yaya of course. Kamui Cosplay for her amazing ability to work with worbla. Tabitha Lyons. I feel all these ladies push boundaries on building costumes and trying to materials. What they come up with is just awe-inspiring. There are tons of talented cosplayers I follow. These are just a few off the top of my head.
What were your dreams as a child? 

Mostly obscure dreams about penguins, unicorns, and fantastical lands. I thought I was going to be an illustrator for comic books. Or involved in animation somehow. I always had a sketchbook and I was always drawing my friends in little comic strips. I would sit in class and draw up superheroes or little scenes inspired by the lesson that was being taught. I think I dreamt about being creative somehow. 

Marvel or DC? 

MARVELLLL Han Solo or Captain Kirk? 

Captain Pike (Blasphemy)
Warner Bros Characters or Disney Characters? 

Difficult choice. 90’s era Warner Bros. Which are your favourite Cosplay photoshoots that you have done? 

I have a great time at all my shoots. Everyone is always professional and friendly. Shooting with Saffels Photography is a blast though. He’s my friend, we’re comfortable having a good time. And I trust him and his handy work. We’re usually shooting with a few friends so it’s just a fun time over all and the final product is always amazing. He’s extremely talented. Are you looking forward to JJ Abrams STAR WARS? 

Actually…. yes and no. JJ has a tendency to abandon things he’s started. So they fall into the pooper. Fringe starts off great, season 3-5 gets weird and lame. Super 8 starts of great, gets an ending as underwhelming as Signs. Let’s not even mention Lost. The Star Trek relaunch was perfection, then the sequel was utter garbage. I think JJ can make an amazing Star Wars ep. 7 but I worry for 8 and 9. Who is your celebrity crush?  

Harrison Ford and Cary Grant. "What song best describes you? 

Any song by Rilo Kiley is the soundtrack to my life.

What is your favorite pig-out food ? 

Depending on my mood, chips and salsa, or Chocolate chip cookies. Orrrr both. New 52? Genius decision or missed opportunity? 

I think some relaunches were great. Wonder Woman, Batman. But in general, their attempt to simplify time lines didn’t work out at all. Have you had any bad experiences at Conventions? 

The only bad experiences I’ve had was choosing to hang alongside people with bad attitudes. They just ruin conventions which are supposed to be fun. But I’ve since found a great group to con with. I’ve never really had any bad experiences with people. No assaults or sexual harassment. The worst is costume malfunctions! What would be the first thing you would do if today was your last day on Earth?  

Probably fly to Miami for a truck load of Cuban food. And then head over to the beach and just sit under the Miami Sun.

Are you available for Cosplay commissions?

Yep! I’m almost filled for SDCC but all cosplay commission inquiries can be sent to Where can people find out more about you and are you available for Photoshoots

I Always love working with new photographers. Best way to reach me is through email. My Facebook is the best way to see my work