The Battling Bombshells by Des Taylor

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The Battling Bombshells is a story based in World War Two
focusing on the exploits of a daring team of Femme Fatales who are assigned to help the Allied Forces by acts of sabotage, extracting secrets from German Officers (use your imagination) smuggling supplies to the French Resistance and thwarting a plot by the Nazi's to create an devastating weapon.

Their exploits are soon picked up by the Nazi high command who assign the dreaded Fraulein Irma Kruger to hunt down and destroy the Bombshells.

This book is a prequel to EVA STRONGBIRD & THE MARINE - the project written by Robb Pratt ( who is up to his knees working at Disney at the moment) and introduces the hero Eva Strongbird for the first time.

I'm quite excited about this project as I've always wanted to create a female A-Team type story.

This is pure Indiana Jones meets Charlie's Angels. With Charlie being Winston Churchill!
Anyway, here are some images for you to get an idea.