DESPOP: Pre-Convention Commission list. London Super Comic Con

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I've been  inundated with requests for  personal commissioned art recently. So with London Super Comic Con lurking on the horizon I will be accepting a limited number of pre-convention commissions for you to pick up at the show.
Advantages to having a Pre- Convention Sketch.
1. You avoid a queue! If you have seen me at a convention I'm pretty much stuck to a chair from opening till close sketching commissions.
2. In the comfort of my office I can take a bit more time on your piece and not feel rushed to get through the list.

The prices are as follows and are exclusive to LSCC only!

The prices are as follows and are exclusive to LSCC only

Blank Comic !Covers ( (Head and Bust) £40 pencil /£50 inked -  post Blank Cover to my address)
A4 simple line sketch (Head and Bust) £40 pencil /£50 inked -

A3 Sketch Full pose £60 Pencil/ £70 inked.   A3 size Two characters posing £120.00

Exclusive Full Color One -Off A2 sized Print £160.00

If you are interested in being on my commission list and getting your own piece of exclusive art, feel free to email me at with your details and the characters you would like me to illustrate.

Look forward to creating you a bit of magic.

Des Taylor.