DESPOP ART- The Girls in the Art !

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When it comes to creating my Girl Art and Pin-Up illustration over the the last few years I have been lucky to find some absolute gems to use as reference for my characters. Not only are these ladies extremely easy on the eye, they have personality, drive and ambition by the truck load. They are also the funniest bunch I have had the pleasure of being around.

Here are just a few photos of these Femme Fatales and some of the artwork inspired by them.

Jordan has that LA sass and more curves than the city's many freeways. She's been the reference body on so many pieces of my art . Although knowing her for years on Myspace it was only last year that we actually met in the flesh (As part of a surprise she just appeared out of nowhere at my San Diego Con party. I screamed like a little bitch)

An absolute top girl and a good laugh!

For me, Emmy Clapp is the consummate Catwoman model. I love how she gets into character once the camera is on her. What gets me about Emmy is the Bambi sized eyes, sculpted eyebrows and a very classic looking face that looks as if it's sculpted from a template of Audrey Hepburn, Ann Hathaway and Kate Beckinsale. The Betty Page bangs are a knockout!! When I first saw her I was totally taken by her cartoon looks and put her on a pedestal. Until I found out that she supported Arsenal ... and I quickly KICKED that pedestal down!!!! HA!

Check out more of her cosplay at

Stephanie Castro is a bombshell!! Plain and simple.
When I look at her I see a classic 1950's movie star, and she carries herself like one when in character.
I can't believe how shy she is too, but this is one of her qualities I find so endearing. I first met Steph at San Diego Comic Con a few years ago and immediately got on like a house on fire.
This stunning Redhead is  a talented seamstress who creates all of her own costumes as well as modelling them. Last year  Stephanie collaborated with me to create the Evel Knieval inspired character Danger Dame much to the delight of the crowd surrounding our booth!
Check out more of Miss Castro and her work with designer Barrie Kaufman at

CUTE!! In a nutshell!
Jessica originally caught my eye when I was commissioned to design a print of her World War Two Wonder Woman costume. I saw the passion she has for cosplay and costume making and immediately wanted to work with her, so when I needed reference for my Star Trek girl illustrations she was one of my main points of reference. Unfortunately, as much as I saw her as a female Corellian smuggler ( our little Jessica Solo collaboration) she is an avid Star Trek fan.
I look forward to working on some of her designs this year. Check out more of her work at

Raven haired beauty and complete laugh riot!
I've known Nina for a few years now and she always seems to have me in fits. Complete joker and the kind of model you want to work with on a long shoot. It's like she runs on Duracell mixed with Red Bull!! Nina doubled as my character Vesha Valentine back in 2011, doing a glorious job at the Book launch party and a promotional shoot with glamour photographer Nathen Atia.
She was also kind enough to be a life-model during my Art Class at Orbital Comics capturing the hearts and minds of the budding artists that turned up to see her.
She's currently working in Film and TV and won't be long until we see her in some show or movie.


The latest acquisition to my muse reference is the Hungarian born fashionista, Viktoria Dobos.
I first met Vik last year after her boyfriend alex commissioned me to draw her as a Valentine's Day present. It was only when I met her in real life that it twigged how much she looked like a live version of my character Scarlett Couture! What I like about this little firecracker is her tomboyish nature and shyness mixed with a hint of 'don't fuck with me' attitude.
A top person to work with during our Scarlett Couture promotional shoot in December and I look forward to working with her again in the near future.