About PULPHOUSE- Movie review page and Graphic Novel project

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Many Eons ago, I used to work in a cinema and for years I have pondered creating a book that would tell the collective stories of all the adventures that went on in there. TOO MANY TO LIST!! Let's just say the place was treated like a youth club full of delinquents that mucked around, got their mates to clock in whilst they lay home in bed,left their shifts for a couple of hours to go in town to drink,messed around with the management, and kept stealing the point of sales. But the weird thing was... when it was opening night and really busy you could'nt believe how everybody pitched in and busted their asses off so that everything went smoothly. The management depended on the staff so much they couldn't fire them, and the ones that they did fire...they had to bring back 'cause their replacements were so lame at their jobs when it mattered. My favorite tale I can't wait to tell was the fight in Screen 7. You couldn't script it!! Working out the whole plot has been time consuming but we are getting there. Anyhoo...I managed to get one past employee and a couple of other people to act as the characters on the page who will post reviews, trailers and chat about the Pulp films and Cult classics that we all love and hope you will see. You will also be able to read future PULPHOUSE graphic stories which will feature as movie's in the virtual cinema. I am looking at this as a Multi-media project that can work in all forms -as a Graphic Novel, Digital book,Podcast show and maybe even Web/online Tv series , so there is a hell of a lot of work to go yet. In the meantime, come over to the page and see what it is all about by clicking the link HERE!