A THIEF IN THE MAKING- Recruiting Nina!

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HAving to concentrate on Katie Rogers and Scarlett Couture books first I leave my other stories to complete in my spare time. There has been one story that has had the least done on it and that is A KISS IN THE KNIGHT. Hence, yesterday afternoon when my mate NINA HEARNE ( top girl who doubled as Vesha Valentine for the book launch)popped round for Coffee and a catch up ( ending up feeding my 7 month old daughter LOL) a flood of inspiration came through. Not just of the way Nina looks, but how she thinks! She has helped come up with a crackerjack background for the main character and I look forward to adding this to the world of DESPOP. I am so happy to recruit Nina as the first female creator to the DESPOP project. As my slogan says " Bringing some Chicks into comics." Over to you NINA!