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So... how do you follow up Vesha Valentine. I have over the months thought long and hard and come up with a ton of characters and storylines. So much so I decided to put 2 of my favourites into one book and all the other stories I had will go in as concepts in a gallery. The book will be entitled PULPHOUSE. Here is a preview of the first character Carmen Robihna in A GUN FOR CARMEN. A bit of an anti-hero Carmen is a Gangster's moll who tries to scars her lover in a fit of jealous rage after finding him in bed with another woman...it all goes downhill for Carmen after that.
" A KISS IN THE KNIGHT" Is the second story in the Novel will center on a glamorous international jewel thief named Tiffany Knight.This will have a different romantic twist to it as she is trying to steal a priceless gem from the father of a man she falls in love with. I look to having this book finished for October. Will post more art from this book soon. Hope you like!