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Finally! After months of hard labor here it is! DESPOP , a site where you can buy Limited Edition prints from 20 talented artists from the world of POP ART, COMIC Illustration and Photography. It is a place where an artist can express themselves and at the
same time earn some cash to keep the lights on at home.

Our slogan is to INVEST IN ART. We will only produce small runs of LIMITED EDITION PRINTS. That means when they run out, they run out! You will own a unique piece of art safe in the knowledge that only a few people on the planet have a piece.

On the site you will also be able to buy paintings, sketches and even commission an artist to do a piece of work.
We are looking for artists to join the "LOST 20 COLLECTIVE" and show their art in exhibitions as well as on the site.

(If you think you cut the grade send us in some samples of your work to

Very soon we will put up interviews with each artist so you will get to know them all.

Check it out

Des Taylor
Art Editor