THE BLUE LOTUS-page preview.

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Here are a few pages from my project "The Blue Lotus".
When she is not kicking ass around the city, Grace Gilmore
does find the time to socialize. In this scene she is taken out on a date to the 'Chip Martin Show' where two lucky people get to dance off on the Wonderland A Go-Go spot with a very special
Can you dig it?
Hey, it is set in the 60's.

Just to show you how much of a bad ass the Lotus is here is a
page on the villains she has taken down in the last month in the
city of Wonderland.
Wonderland is a vast Metropolis of casinos, clubs, bars and
other entertainment. Think of Vegas mixed with Amsterdam but 10 times the fun.  Some parts can be a very dangerous
place as it is split up into territories that certain crime bosses rule over.

The Blue Lotus's goal is to rid the city of these bosses but she
comes across one that may just be a bit too much for her.
THE BRAIN!! A multi-talented, mastermind thats sole goal
is to rule Wonderland and kick the Lotus's ass.....WELL!!

That's enough from me. Click to Enlarge and enjoy!