Blue Lotus- Next in the chamber

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As well as Vesha I have my first crimefighter character- The Blue Lotus. A lot of work is going into this one as it is set in the 1960's. Iv'e been researching like a mutha the dress, the cars, the whole feel as well as the city she fights crime in- WONDERLAND! Like a really Gynormous Vegas, mixed with Harlem, Paris and Amsterdam. The city is split in sections where rival crimelords fight it out for each others territory.

The Blue Lotus, aka Grace Gilmore has a lot of Eastern mythology going on around her to as she is being trained by an old Lady Ninja in the ways of Ninjitsu and other martial arts.

I have dratically rethought the main villain though after seeing a poster of a famous pop star of the 80's. 
More will be revealed when I post up a sketch later

Anyhooo! Enjoy these 2 versions of the cover I have whipped up. Lemme know what you think.

Off to bed.