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Egyptian Wonder Woman by Des Taylor

Imagine the story of Wonder Woman, Elseworlds style, using the Egyptian gods.
That was on my mind when creating this piece. Big hint to those writers at DC. Would love to read something like that. Now... I'm off to bed.


Italian Music magazine "Suono" speaks to Artist Des Taylor.

 Italian journalist Massimo Bargna contacted me in September for an interview on me ,my style, inspirations, projects and achievements for Italian music magazine "Suono". He tells me it's the longest article he has published for the magazine so it's safe to say they liked the idea.

Forza Italia!

DIRTY MARTINI - Hollywood Private Eye by Des Taylor

Rina Martini (AKA Dirty Martini) is a character I created back in 2012 after a desire to do a story about a trashy but extremely intelligent P.I. investigating a murder cover-up in the backdrop of Hollywood sleaze. I put it on the shelf to concentrate on my projects THE TROUBLE WITH KATIE ROGERS, SCARLETT COUTURE and THE BLUE LOTUS. With the Harvey Weinstein scandal ripping it's way through Hollywood at the moment, it may be an idea to re-look at this character at some point next year, and might change the way she looks a bit.

RIP Hugh Hefner.

RIP HH! A legend
that lived the dream.
#hughhefner #playboy

Scarlett Couture in Red Alexandre Vauthier gown.

After I saw Bella in this dress...had to do a version on Scarlett. Stunning gown.

Stephanie Castro is Danger Dame

The wonderful pin-up model and costume maker Stephanie Castro as Danger Dame. 
A collaboration character we created for the convention circuit.
Let's all agree she looks amazing!
Photo by Chris Gomez Photography

Des Taylor speaks about his Las Vegas show on FOX5 News

Pop artist Des Taylor talks about his art show "It's a Girls World" on FOX 5 news. See more of Des's art at Skye Art Gallery, Caesars Palace, Forum Shops, Las Vegas.

Officially licensed Wonder Woman Print by Des Taylor - Available at Bottleneck Gallery NYC

 WONDER WOMAN PRINT @bottleneckgallery

Announcing what I hope to be one of many, exclusive DC officially licensed prints with Bottleneck Gallery in NYC. This image of Wonder Woman walking candidly in a night light street setting has been probably my most popular image of the Amazon princess on social media. Here's your chance to own an edition before it sells out.
Triumphant! by Des Taylor
Fine art giclée
13 x 18 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 100

" We’d like to introduce Des Taylor, who goes by Despop, whose first release with us is an awesome Wonder Woman piece, Triumphant! Despop’s art style is so bold and so fluid, hs work almost looks animated. This Wonder Woman print is a great introduction to Despop’s style, and we’re excited to be working with him!"
Both Raid71 and Des Taylor’s prints will be available for purchase Tuesday (4/25) @ 12PM ET on our homepage,!