Sunday, 23 June 2013

GINGER and DANGER DAME- All thanks to the amazing Stephanie Castro

When inspiration hits you in the face you just have to react! A few years ago at San Diego Con 2011 I met the totally amazing Pin-Up model and Vintage fashion designer ( who also serves in the US Military BTW) Stephanie Castro. I had never seen a pin-up model that looked so original and stood out from the crowd. It was also a surprise that she is also a really nice (and hilarious) person.

The character Ginger sprung out of my meeting Stephanie and I hope to develop Ginger into a partner for Vesha Valentine sometime next year. Watch out for her at San Diego this year and lets see what she comes up with to steal the show. You can se more of this stunning Redhead at where she plies her trade with another talented vintage clothes designer, Barrie Kaufman.


  1. Nice photo's, but I'm from a military family, she's wearing a brand new uniform and if she is in the service it would have her name on it, all branches of uniforms do if your in the military!

  2. She's not in the military, her husband is.

  3. I was going by what is said serving in the military??? It should say not her serving in the military, why is she wearing an uniform showing or saying she is, that's not right.I think that's fraud, alot of folks put their life on the line, don't like people faking they are or have been in the military!That's A Disgrace, plus against the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. A lot of people raging online these days, sheesh...

    Anyways, wonderful art, man! Love your work^^
    This post strike my interesting for some reason. Great story.

    to the anons: Can't she by in the military AND wear a new uniform for a photoshoot? Don't act like you guys only have ever worn ONE single uniform your whole life. Why am I discussing this with you, you probably never ever served in the army..

  5. you two are morons, she was in the military at the time the photo was taken, it has a spot for her name but some places require names to be removed hence the velcro. nothing disgraceful about her service, i served with her and can vouch for her service so go ahead and shut your mouths. by the way being from a military family doesn't mean you know dick, so before you go running your mouth about someone like that try asking daddy why she might not have a name tag on.