Saturday, 14 April 2012

Vesha Valentine Record covers

Ill be knocking out some kick-ass Vesha Valentine Record cover prints to adorn my stand at KAPOW! Comic con. They shall be individually placed in frames as well as having the set on one print for sale.


  1. hello das im spanish sorry but my english is little.your comic is fantastic.i meet you for a few days but im marvelius.its possible to buy yoyr comics.there is librarys with your comic or is posible to send to spain??

  2. sorry my english is very bad.can i buy your comic? how is possible? in librarys or to send spain?thanks

    1. Hi, Felipe! You can get the Vesha Valentine Story from AMAZON or from the SLG site

      If you wait a couple of weeks you can buy it direct from me along with my latest ARTBOOK.

      Send me an email to


    2. ok thanks!!!!!I´ll send my mail and wait 2 weeks!!!i want this artbook too.this artbook incluyed yours cartoons of superheros??wwoman supergirl ms marvel superman etc????I like yours drawing of"live".OK THANKS FOR ALL I wait your news in my mail to buy your drawing.