Monday, 6 February 2012

Superman saves Lois

With LONDON SUPER COMICON on the horizon I thought I'd whip up something cool to showcase there. Here is Lois Lane yet again in a predicament , with the Ol' Boy scout coming to her rescue. I leave it to the viewer to imagine what is going on in the scene.
More to come this week!

Laterz x


  1. Lois actually has not needed to be rescued for a really long time in the modern comics. That is sort of an outdated, sexist concept in terms of her character that was a product of a time in history where women were treated poorly. In the modern comics, she saved Superman just as much as he saved her and she has never been passive.

    I love your work and you are a beautiful artist. But I'd really love to see you draw Lois and Superman more in-character in a way that really captures their passion as opposed to drawing Lois as a passive unconscious victim.

    1. As this is an 1950's depiction of the character....
      plus it's left to the imagination what has actually happened to her.
      Here is a list of all the times Superman has saved Lois!

    2. Hey! Even deeper still...I do recall her being saved from worse in Superman Returns, wonder what they will come up with in the new movie!

    3. Oh my GOD - it's happening here too. I thought I would be able to get back to doing some real work!
      Lois has indeed not needed rescuing in a really long time (though realistically she puts herself into situations where a helping super-hand would be quite useful) however this is quite obviously drawn to purposely represent a vintage Superman. You need look no further than the symbol on his chest to gain that insight.
      If you look through Des's art (Hi there Mr Taylor, I really ought to email you diorectly at some point as I'd love to get one of your pieces - of LOIS - as I think your art is fantastic!) you'll see that most if not all of his Superman related materials are Golden Age, so the representation, tone and situation presented here are spot on actually.

    4. I completely agree that Des's artwork is Golden Age.

      Honestly, I see both sides of the issue.

      I love Lois Lane and I think she is arguably one of the most feminist and incredible characters ever created. I also think she has been one of the most mistreated and misunderstood.

      She's a human who has often put herself in incredible danger. She's also been a character who has been the person to "save" Superman over and over again through her bravery.

      For example, yes, Superman saved the plane Lois was on in Superman Returns and then saved her and their son. But, a few minutes later, Lois jumps into the water herself to save SUPERMAN from drowning. :)

      I think that, in general, Lois and Superman go back and forth in terms of saving each other. She saves him just as much as he saves her.

      Either way, it's a beautiful piece. He is a stunning artist. But I see both sides of the debate. Lois has become such a modern woman in today's narratives and we should we presenting her that way. She was very strong even in the Golden age. But this is still beautiful.---Audrey

  2. It is quite obvious that the lady commenting on all of your Lois inspired pieces is a huge feminist,Des. I personally am glad to see an artist who captures women in a sexy but at the sametime sensitive manor. The way most women are drawn in comics is sexist and boarders on porn.
    I have bought 3 of your pieces now and they are a delight on my wall. Keep up the good work!

    1. I'm not sure I see the problem with a woman being a feminist. There is also no one way to describe feminist as it means different things to different people.

      Just my opinion?

      I'm one of the biggest fans of Lois Lane ever. I adore the character. I have zero problems with Superman coming to her rescue on occasion because she has been known to save him just as much as he saves her. I think they are equal partners.

      But I also think it's kind of....dangerous to imply that because someone is a "feminist" that that means that they don't want a woman to be portrayed as "sensitive"

      Frankly, I think Lois is a very sensitive character. I think she's very warm and loving on top of being very hard edged and strong. I think that's what makes her so great.

      I agree with you that the current comics are not good to women though and it's a real shame.---Audrey

  3. Thanks, Linda! To get inspiration and a feel for this piece I actually referenced the 1950's Kirk Allen Superman serial in a scene which he pulls an unconcious Lois, gassed by some gang, from a burning Studabaker. And I totally agree with what you say about comics bordering on porn.A few years ago I took it upon myself to create books with strong leading female characters after a conversation with an actress at San Diego con. We talked about her favorite characters (being Lois and Wonder Woman)and loved how I depicted women and what I was trying to do. Also I spoke with Mark Millar about possibly working on a LOIS LANE book in the future, soley centered on her and her adventures with Jimmy Olsen, fingers crossed. I would want to show her back in the 50's but with a modern spin on her personality.
    For me, comics are no fun today.
    In the new 52, they have Catwoman technically RAPING Batman. I was shocked!It has caused quite a stir on the net.

    1. Des, I agree with you that the New 52 is disturbing. I am a huge fan of Bat/Cat and I was disgusted by that scene. I'm really unhappy with the entire direction of the new 52.

      I will say that I'm not a fan of Mark Millar at all. In fact, he has actually made some comments in the past about both Wonder Woman and Lois that have really upset a lot of female comic fans due to the sexist nature of the comments. He is not well liked in female comic circles.

      I would LOVE to read a Lois Lane book and I wish there was one out there. I love the retro vibe. But honestly? I am much more interested (and I think I speak for a lot people) in reading about Lois and Clark working as reporters than I am in Jimmy Olsen. Jimmy is a fine sidekick character but the partnership that really matters and interests me at the Daily Planet is Lois and Clark. THAT I would buy in a second.

      Your artwork is beautiful. I wish I could purchase some of your Lois pieces to hang in my house. I also really loved that vintage Lois/Superman romance piece you did. Gorgeous.---Audrey