Thursday, 22 December 2011

Retro Superman

Superman! I love his costume , ideals and good old fashion boy scout spirit.
Here are two versions of him I designed earlier on this year.
I was always a fan of the Fliesher cartoons and here I try to depict that with a vintage Lois Lane thrown in too.


  1. I absolutely love the vintage look and vintage fashion. Would you consider doing some more vintage Lois Lane pieces? In general, I prefer the more modern take on Lois Lane as she was treated as an equal in the narrative. But there is so much about the character that was inspired from the screwball comedy/retro screen legends like Katherine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall. I like to see that little vintage touch.

  2. Actually, even better....would you consider doing your own vintage take on some of those breahtaking Superman/Lois pictures that are famous in the modern comics where they are embracing in the sky?

  3. Master Anonymous! I will knock up something for you. I can tell you are a big Lois Lane fan from your comments on the matter. ( I totally think you interpreted my Lois Lane comment wrong BTW but your answer was spot on to the ideals of Lois Lane) I was asked by a famous comic book writer this year to maybe work on a Lois Lane Comic in my style in the future so I will keep you in the loop with that. Anyway, glad you like it all.-Des

  4. Good day, sir. I grew up loving the Max Fleischer Superman cartoons on Betamax and your exquisite artwork reminds me of the simpler pleasures of simpler times. I am happy to have come across your work through the Superman Homepage and you've made me a fan. Awesome stuff and more projects to come!
    Howabout a rendition of Dick Tracy? ;)

  5. I love love the original version of Superman, which why one of the great tragedies in comics is the loss of the real Earth 2, and all the untapped potential it had. I'd kill for a comic by you, done in this style, set in the 40s :)