Thursday, 22 December 2011

Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker by Des Taylor

Mary Jane , Gwen and Petey!
I called this piece of work 'Peter the PIMP'!
For a nerdy science student, he didn't half do well with two of the hottest girls in comic book history. Me personally, I liked Gwen Stacy! I like Mary Jane but I know that I would end up in jail for assault because of the amount of flirting she would do with my friends... would PISS me off.
Anyhoo...I knocked up my version of her first appearance.


  1. these are amazing, youve made Mary Jane sooo sexy without devaluing her as a character of making her seem undignified, she's just a gorgeous woman. having said that i did prefer peter with gwen, my favourite spidey stories are the john romita/stan lee years where peter was with gwen and worried about being good enough for her/keeping her and eventually providing for their future together, which i could completely relate to.

  2. I hear ya' man, I'd be feeling the same way if MJ was my girl. Goo god! And Gwen's a major hottie in her own right.

  3. I had a huge crush on Gwen back in the day, especially when she was drawn by Romita. She was ever y shy kids dream girl, beautiful yet humble and sweet, appreciating peter for who he was. I never liked Peter and MJ together.