Thursday, 22 December 2011

Lois Lane by Des Taylor

Lois Lane.
I've always wondered why of all the women on Earth would Superman be fascinated with
Lois Lane?
I tried to create a reason in this design.
Hope you like!


  1. This is gorgeous, and the reason he's fascinated with her is because she's his equal in every way that counts. She fights for Truth, Justice, and the American Way just as he does, only she does it in print. The reason she's always risking her life for a story is because the truth and the public's right to know it are more important to her than her life. She's also the most human person Superman ever met, and given his love for humanity, Lois is the personification of that love. She has all the flaws and yet all the spirit that Superman sees in humanity, so what's not to be fascinated by?

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  2. This piece is stunning but your comment kind of ruined it. I'm going to assume that maybe you just don't understand Superman lore or aren't familiar with who Lois because only someone who isn't would make a comment like that.

    First of all, Lois Lane has been portrayed as a stunningly beautiful woman in the comics for a long time and she has been played by actresses who are absolutely beautiful.

    But putting aside the superficial (because anyone who thinks that Superman of ALL MEN would base the person he loves solely on whether she was hot or not doesn't understand Superman in the slightest. He's not shallow and as crazy as it may seem...sometimes the reason we are attracted to people is not solely physical.) But putting aside the fact that she's beautiful...she's the best reporter in Metropolis. Hell, she's a BETTER reporter than she is. She constantly--for over 70 years--has believed in his ability to bring hope and justice to the world and she has fought for that same justice in her own way as a journalist for the Daily Planet. She's willing to risk her life for what is right knowing full well that she might die. It's often been said that Superman doesn't get lois Lane out of situations that she couldn't already get herself out of and that she is often the "first response" for tragedy and injustice serving as the best kind of back-up for him.

    Along with her commitment to justice, she has been shown to be the one woman that ultimately loves both sides of him completely and truly---the hero and the man. She has been shown to love the farmboy within him as well as the reporter as well as the superhero. She never asks him to choose between those two sides of himself because she loves those two sides of him fully and completely and he loves her in both personas in returns.

    On top of all of these things, she is brave, funny and completely comfortable with her sexuality. She makes Clark laugh when things are difficult and brazenly stares down bad guys.

    In a world full of superheroes and people with special abilities...Lois Lane represents the ability that we can have as HUMANS without capes or special powers to use the skills that we DO HAVE to do what is right and fight for injustice.

    Why would Superman be fascinated with her? The better and more accurate question if you truly understand Superman and these characters is how could he NOT be fascinated by her?

    I absolutely love your art. But yeah...your comment not so much.

  3. The bottom line is that Superman's entire mission is inspired by the fact that he loves humanity---he loves the world that raised him and loved him and took him in as their own. He is the ultimate immigrant who was sent to a foreign land and was embraced and loved by humans despite being different.

    Lois Lane is refreshingly human in a world full of superpoweres and secret identities. She is flaws for sure but ultimately represents what human beings are capable of if we believe and if we are willing to stick our necks out and fight.

    She's a character who was a victim of sexism for a long time but in the last few decades was developed as a true equal for Clark Kent/Superman and presented as woman who truly loved him in every way.

    There is no other woman who will ever be a more perfect match for Superman. And it will never be because she's the "most beautiful" or has "superpowers" or any of that shallow stuff. It's because of who she is and what she stands for.

    The art is stunning. But's more than a little upsetting when people say stuff like that about a female character who is so much deeper than people seem to understand.

  4. OK - so...
    It seems that "Anonymous" (wouldn't it be awesome if that was her - we assume this to be a female - real name??) has quite the bee in her bonnet regarding Lois/Superman and the 'lore' contained within this.

    You can't get too tied up on these things, since this debate and the length of the monologue above is about a FICTIONAL CHARACTER. This means that the story can, and has, change at any time.

    Mostly everything that is said here holds merit, but to berate someone else's point of view or a question that they have posed is simply internet trolling. Des Taylor posed a question. Whether or not you like that question is up to you.

    I'm pretty sure that declaring that you 'understand' Lois Lane is akin to saying that you have mastered philosophy. Things will always be different for different people.

    Siegel created and modeled both look and personality of Lois on his then girlfriend (who became his wife of 48 years til he died) Joanne Carter (that's where she gets her middle name you know...) so all of the speculation about who or what she is actually stems originally from a real life, honest-to-goodness human being. She was his inspiration both for the physical, and for many of the character traits that have been described. Despite (or infact, inspite) of this, Lois Lane remains and will always be a fictional character who is susceptible to trends and culture. When she was originally conceived as a character, chivalry was an important part of the 'hero-factor' in what was a male dominated arena, now this is not the case. Rest assured that in thirty years time if the Western model changes again, we will also see a change in the role played by Lois in these stories.

    I ordinarily wouldn't actually bother to comment on these sorts of diatribes, since it will undoubtedly just descend into a 'my knowledge is better than yours' debate, which is not the intention.

    Ordinarily I wouldn't make an effort to comment on something like this but's more than a little upsetting when people say stuff like that about a female character who is so much deeper than people understand just because they very little else to do and could actually have used all of the space they took up by commenting constructively on the artwork that has been showcased.

    Des Taylor - I have viewed your art for a long time and have seen it develop over several years. Your style has matured and improved to a point where it is recognisable in style to your beginnings, but is still worlds apart in terms of technical excellence. I only hope that I will have had an opportunity to meet you at some point (perhaps Kapow this year if you will be attending) in the near future. That is assuming that you haven't already taken your life after the shame of "not understanding" Lois Lane.

    I think SOMEONE has a lot of cats...

    1. Honestly? I think you are being overly harsh here.

      The bottom line is that Lois Lane has been the victim of a lot of bashing and sexist behavior in comics fandom.

      I think that people who love her are just overly gun shy at this point because they are so used to people being so nasty to her.

      My guess is that Des Taylor meant nothing by this comment. But I do understand why certain fans who love Lois are quick to get...upset...because they are so used to people being sexist towards the character.

      I'm also not sure I think it's fair to criticize people getting upset over a fictional character. The reality is that as human beings are are all driven and inspired by the narratives around us.

      I grew up very inspired by Lois Lane as I was a writer as a child. My Dad taught me to love her at a young age.

      You are correct that she was inspired both in looks and personality by the woman that became Jerry Siegel's wife. Isn't that so lovely and special? I always thought that was wonderful.

      I understand what you are saying here. I also think it's very possible that those who were frustrated over the comment misunderstood Des entirely and jumped the gun. But I also think that comics fandom is so brutal towards women these days that many women are just gun shy at this point because they are so used to female characters being abused. Does that make sense?

      Oh, and though I'm not the person above I am a married woman. With two cats. --Audrey

  5. dude, I just think your artwork is the shit. I love it! I also enjoy old-school pin-ups and your artwork screams it. Lois looks great. Great job.

  6. This is a stunning representation of Lois Lane. Very well done!
    I wish to see more in this style, maybe an animated series!

  7. it looks exactly like Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. was it purposeful, did you draw inspiration from Teri. just wondering... it is a very wonderful picture. i love the eyes, they seem to be slightly teasing eyes. like she saying i'm a good girl but i want you.

  8. If you knew your history, and know why Siegel and Schuster created her, you would realize that you're all missing a very important point. One problem with comics today is that they forget the core emotional themes behind their creation, and deal with them superficially. No mythic lasting themes anymore. So back to my point, we have to remember that S&S were both nerd/geek outcasts, and felt unappreciated by women, especially when they were younger. They saw beautiful girls go for the wrong things, like going for the jocks, bad boys, rich boys etc. and completely overlook them. This pain was a big part of them. Lois, while brave, beautiful etc. etc. had this one HUGE fatal flaw. Like many people, men and women, she went for the flash and fell in love with Superman, the only one she felt was good enough for her. Powerful, famous etc. The tragic irony is that the real man of her dreams was right under her nose and she was too blind to see it, because it didn't fit her image of who she SHOULD end up with. This is the love triangle with two people that has been maligned and misused ever since.

    This theme resonates on a deep core with many people, especially outcasts who read comics. Superman doesn't want her to love him because he's Superman, everyone does. She wants her to love the human side of him, the decent man with great values. And until she does, he will NEVER give himself to her.

    I've always wanted to write a last Superman story where he realizes that Lana was truly the one for him. While she was infatuated with Superman too, she also loved Clark. And I have this haunting image of Lois losing him and finding out it was Clark all along, and knowing she blew the greatest thing of her life.