Friday, 21 May 2010


Check it out. A little Sci Fi short for a little project that eventually got me work on Mark Millar's CLINT MAGAZINE.
New Des Taylor strip will appear in CLINT ISSUE 5 titled "The Battle Of Dansroom.
Written by Ryan Schrodt

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  1. Hi, Des,

    My name is Simud and I'm one of the editors to a Spanish online magazine -revista Exégesis ( We're always looking for science-fiction comics, so it was great to come across your story. At the moment we're a non-profit publication so we can't afford paying for what we publish, but if you like the idea of sharing your strip with our readers (we'd be translating it into Spanish, of course), it'd be a real pleasure for us. Just in case: we publish under a Creative Commons license (
    You can contact me at