Friday, 23 January 2015

The Four Comics That Changed My Life- by Des Taylor

Answering a question that was so hard but I sat back and thought with my heart.

I chose these especially for the memories. I can remember where I was, how I felt after reading them and the way my view of comics has changed in this era of the medium.

Amazing Spiderman -The Green Goblins Last Stand will be forever etched in my consciousness for it was published at the time many felt that comics had grown up. After Sharon Tate was murdered by Manson in '69 , the next few years of Hollywood spurned out slasher films, revenge movies and everyone was taking the law into their own hands in movies like Death Wish and Dirty Harry.
You sort of get that feel in the stories that led up to this shocking episode in Spidey's history which was told in '73. Drugs, depression, Paranoia, Racism- Amazing Spiderman had it all.
I didn't read this book till 1986 when I first started collecting stories seriously. I hung on that final page ( when Spidey is cradling Gwen after his failed attempt to save her ), feeling his pain and understanding how dangerous the Green Goblin really was. Something they can't emulate with the character even to this day.

The Trouble With Katie Rogers changed my life.... cause it was my first comic book I created. I originally wanted to create a female superhero but was inspired by the everyday life of my girly friends. In a world filled with superheroes and dark thriller comics, I had the balls to throw something completely different in the mix. She also got me to meet the amazing guys at ITVAmerica, who are trying to put this together as a series at this moment in time.

Breaking The Bat- This book changed my life cause I was the BIGGEST BATMAN FAN at the time.
I had split up with my girlfriend, my favourite pop star Michael Jackson was fighting a court battle against Jordy Chandler and my other hero Mike Tyson was on the ropes himself. All I had to look forward to was my Batman.
And Bane broke his back. I was in shock and felt sick to my stomach. I remember walking into the student bar at West Herts College in a trance. My friend Hayley asked me "what's wrong Des?"
I answered "Bane broke Batman's back. I need a beer!" She laughed in my face.

Batman the Killing Joke:
Was the book that got me into Batman in the first place- and subsequently was the last gift to me from my ex-girlfriend at that time ( Yeah... comics and women). Which didn't fucking help much as the book outlined how the Joker see's the world as a joke and does his crazy shit to hide his pain!
I felt that I  related to him at that time.
It spurred me to collect EVERYTHING connected to Batman . So in effect everything turned out rather well as the collection is worth a bit now!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

NEW Scarlett Couture trailer featured on CBR

SCARLETT COUTURE Issue One out this April!
Comes with two variant covers -Cover One /Des Des Taylor Cover Two featuring the lovely Viktoria Dobos.

Check out the new trailer from Titan Comics here-

Monday, 5 January 2015

Agent Carter By Des Taylor

Looking forward to the mini-series of Agent Carter tonight. So hoping they smash it out of the park!

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Exploring Supergirl... as a girl before she reaches awesomeness!

Cute Kara! I created some images of Supergirl last year that were super-popular with adults and kids alike. They were to portray her as a teenager before she grows into my extreme hottie version.

I would love to see Kara depicted with the same sort of respect Superman gets when she's older. With commanding authority, wisdom and presence, moving away from the lost, teenage trying to find herself in the world version we are used to seeing.

Surprisingly, I'd also make her character slightly WEAKER than Superman (in strength) which I think would make her acts of heroism greater when she's up against it. I'd make her Will-power stronger!! She never gives in, never gives up!
Send's a stronger message.
Anyhoo.. enjoy the Supergirl studies!

Tuesday, 30 December 2014


As we say goodbye to 2014 I look back on what has been an amazing year for me as an artist. Starting off at London Super Comic Con, an exhibition at Orbital Comics, London & in Rickmansworth Watersmeet Art Center, a Guest at MEFCC in Dubai, a Stunt Extra on Avengers-Age of Ultron (and watching the World Cup after shooting),  a DR.WHO cover signing at San Diego Comic Con, promoting my book Katie Rogers at New York Comic Con, meeting some great people at Belgium Con and finally selling most of my stock at Thoughtbubble Comic festival in Leeds.

I can only hope 2015 holds as much excitement as my first comic book mini-series hits the shelves.
Watch out for Scarlett Couture from Titan Comics in April.

Until then I put together a little something for all of my followers and people that made this year totally awesome.

Here my New Year's Card to you all featuring my fave heroes. Thanks for your support.
More to come in 2015.

Special thanks to- Ian and Yasmin @ Comicave, Spencer Kelly, Ricky Claydon, Steve White, Lizzie Kaye, Nick Landau & Viv,Vikky Dobos, Arafaat Ali Khan, Ben Caddy, the guys at Madefire, Joe Elardy, Brian Walters @ DC, The Fates Crew, Bruce Robertson, Claudia Wong, Jilly Wiseman, Katie ,Vesha, Scarlett, Dirty Martini and the DESPOP UNIVERSE.


Ps...Notice the Lois and Clark Morning show image on the Cab on the first page! Nyuck,Nyuck!